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Upon your arrival at Delhi Airport, multiple transportation options await to facilitate your journey to Prangan Yogashala. Opting for a taxi, train, bus, or flight provides flexibility, and we recommend securing a domestic flight from Delhi to Dehradun Airport. This strategic choice positions you within a mere 30-minute drive of Prangan Yogashala.

Booking a flight from your home country to Delhi and subsequently connecting to Dehradun ensures a seamless transition. To further enhance your experience, we offer taxi services from Dehradun Airport directly to Prangan Yogashala.

For those preferring alternative modes of transportation such as taxi, bus, or train, feel free to reach out to Prangan Yogashala. Our travel experts stand ready to assist, providing guidance and support throughout your journey. Your smooth arrival at Prangan Yogashala is our priority.

Yoga is a holistic science and there is no qualification required to learn yoga at Prangan Yogashala. If we have passion and a positive mindset towards yoga you can become a successful yoga teacher because teaching is something related to passion and giving attitude. At Prangan Yogashala we teach you Asanas (Perfect Postures and Alignment), Prayanama (Breathing Practices), Abhyanga (Cleaning of the body), Meditation (Active and Passive), Philosophy of Yoga, Psychology, Nutrition and food, and Anatomy.

In the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Prangan Yogashala, participants engage in a comprehensive exploration of various yoga streams and styles. Recognizing the vastness of yoga as a subject, our course is meticulously designed to encompass a broad spectrum of practical yoga. Through distinct sessions and classes, we ensure a well-rounded exposure to different styles, providing a thorough and enriching learning experience.

At Prangan Yogashala teaching language is English. If you are not able to speak or write English there is no problem but if you understand English it will work properly.

Because Yoga is moreover a practical learning program if you are not able to understand English you may also join us to learn practical yoga and we will provide you with your study material.

After completion of the course, you will be awarded with internationally acclaimed certificate of course completion. This certificate will approve you as a “Certified Yoga Teacher” around the world. You can open your yoga studio anywhere in the world. Yoga is accepted internationally now and it is scientifically proven that yoga is the source of energy, vitality, health, and a peaceful mind. By becoming a yoga teacher you can serve society for better health, a peaceful mind, and a better human being because the purpose of yoga is not only to make a person physically fit but even produce better human beings.

Prangan Yogashala will provide you with the study material for your Yoga Teacher Training Course. Our books and other training materials are specially designed to create world-class yoga teachers. It is very comprehensive and easy to adapt for everyone so you do not need to go anywhere for books or other study material.

At Prangan Yogashala we are much focused on teaching mythology and understanding the course by our students. The teacher training course is for a very short period and every session is important to understand the principles and teachings. To complete the course and get the certificate you need to give 90% attendance in the class. You also need to get the permission from course director for any kind of leave in between the course.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course is very short and comprehensive so we are not recommending you to get involved with other activities. On Sunday there are no classes and there is also some free time every day for self-study within the course. You can use your Sundays for your other interests and activities.

At Prangan Yogashala we are a quality-based institute so our batch sizes are very limited. In the 100 Hours RYT and 200 Hours program, the batch size is 18-22 maximum students in one batch. We are making smaller batch sizes so that student gets more attention from the teacher in the class.

At Prangan Yogashala we provide you T-Shirts (With Logo of Prangan Yogashala) but you can also bring your own yoga dress for your asana practice. We also have yoga mats which are common for all our students but if you want to bring a personal yoga mat you can bring it or buy it from a nearby market outside the Prangan Yogashala.

Yoga Teacher Training Course starts for the students at the age of 15 to 65 years and we are welcome to all students around the world. Prangan Yogashala is like a huge family where we learn and grow together on a yogic path.

Yes! If you are not a citizen of India, you are required an Indian Visa for a sufficient period. There are some nations which are not required a visa to visit India but you are requested to check the visa status from your country by yourself. Please ensure that you also mention your purpose of visit (Yoga Study) on the visa form.

Prangan Yogashala is located near the well-established market area where you can buy your daily use things but also you are free to bring your daily use things along with you.

At Prangan Yogashala we provide a strictly vegetarian diet which is essential for yoga study. It is an Indian-style food diet but with fewer spices and salt. Food is prepared by Prangan Yogashala staff only in a fully hygienic kitchen. We also provide purified RO water for drinking purposes.

Yes within the 200 hours of course we provide a short trip to Kunjapuri Temple near Narender Nagar, which give you a lifetime memory for Sun Rise. for more details please contact our course director at: pranganyogashala@gmail.com

Yes! Prangan Yogashala is a government-registered institute and in India GST (Goods & Services Tax) is included in every student’s fee so we provide you with a legitimate bill in Indian currency.

Yes! Prangan Yogashala is a huge family and we provide membership Exclusive no. to every student who joins the Yoga Teacher Training Course with us. This lifetime membership no. brings you extra discounts and classes for further courses with Prangan Yogashala. We are also running a loyalty recommendation program in which if you refer other students for the Yoga Teacher Training Program they will get an extra 10% discount on their course fee.